Bright Plaza, Inc. is a privately held company formed originally in 1982 with faculty and staff from Carnegie Mellon University, when the Internet was still a dream to only a few people, but now a dream come true. When the web was introduced in 1993, Bright Plaza was there alive and kicking, and will be here, with revolutionary new technologies.

Bright Plaza strategically designs and builds interactive communications systems — from goal-driven concept to commercial realization. We have created interactive communication tools, both hardware and software, for all types of businesses and organizations – from small local stores to Fortune 500 companies. With our core business in place and growing, Bright Plaza continues to develop tools that improve business and people’s lives.

We have developed a number of core products and services such as:

  • patent pending Kaje Picture Password for type-free web passwords 2013 and the Kaje game on the iPad 2010
  • The Drive Trust Alliance
  • the first to digitally broadcast the web over a TV Signal, with WQED in Pittsburgh in 1994
  • basic technology in the European Union W3 P3P Privacy Demonstrator in 2000
  • locally editable events that attracted over over 100,000 churches in North America in 1998
  • patented national online mapping services in 1994 that in 2012 won in Jury Trial against Garmin for infringement
  • patented photograph document handling on the NeXT Machine and later on the Web 1994
  • the first programmable XML definitions in 1996
  • and many others
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