Bright Plaza, Inc., is a research and commercial development company building innovative enterprise software systems. We have delivered hundreds of unique software systems and products, to a wide range of customers, for an even wider range of purposes. Our people are some of the most creative and most experienced minds in the Internet business.

Our most recent work is the Drive Trust Alliance which incorporates outstanding free resources on essential technology for data-leak protection for every company in the world by integrating the security into storage devices.

Complementary to this is a unique patent pending user authentication technology for the web. You can try it right now at http://ka.je, and you can find open-source plugins for implementing Kaje on Drupal and WordPress sites.



Self-encrypting drives (SEDs) have revolutionized computer security by maintaining a symmetric encryption key for the drive security separate from the main CPU. While adoption in enterprise class systems has been almost universal, consumer adoption has lagged…primarily because the average consumer lacks the awareness of SEDs and also has limited tools for managing them. The Drive Trust Alliance is an industry consortium dedicated to solving these problems.

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pronounced “cagey” (definition: crafty, shrewd, tricky)

Kaje is a unique platform for authenticating and authorizing web logins. Consistent with contemporary trends in improving Internet security, the Kaje architecture separates usernames from passwords, creating an instant privacy wall. Kaje offers innovative authentication features (such as picture passwords, video passwords, multiple text passwords) and authorization features (such as self-defined testing and and advanced cognition testing). Kaje is compatible with Open ID Connect, OAuth, and UMA.

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